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the minute somebody tries to change you is the moment you realize that that person,







Tuesday Jul 7 @ 01:14am

Put myself out there
Curtains down
Winner of the title “Idiot”
Boy did you make it seemed like it mattered
Shifting Cupid’s Arrow right towards His own heart
Every 12am of the fourteenth
4 weeks after January

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 11:59pm
"Voices in my Head" 3 hours & many correction tapes later. I just started drawing a few days ago. How did I do?

"Voices in my Head" 3 hours & many correction tapes later. I just started drawing a few days ago. How did I do?

Tuesday Jul 7 @ 07:56pm
Friday Jun 6 @ 01:28am
For this masterpiece I’d call it A Piece Of Shit because it didn’t turn out as expected. It’s twice as bad lol. I don’t draw at all but I tried.

For this masterpiece I’d call it A Piece Of Shit because it didn’t turn out as expected. It’s twice as bad lol. I don’t draw at all but I tried.

Friday Jun 6 @ 01:03am

"I might be crazy but it’s just business" - me telling someone who tells me that I don’t have the patience to be a lawyer off that being a prostitute earns faster money because person stated above just fucking tested my patience

Wednesday Jun 6 @ 06:06pm
Sunday Apr 4 @ 02:02am

Never have I ever feel truly fucking beautiful with all the pimples on my face.
Flaws are beautiful but society is grown and fixed and told and taught to what is and isn’t beautiful that it’s slowly molding my perspective of what is and isn’t beautiful into their perspective of beauty
What if I am truly far from being beautiful?

Saturday Mar 3 @ 01:12am
Love is a leap of faith but lately I haven’t been much of a believer anymore X Thursday Mar 3 @ 06:58pm
Sudden midnight thoughts

Sometimes we lose ourselves in life, struggling to get a solid grip on reality, not wanting to dissolve into the never-ending trail of dark thoughts, played in our minds like an infinite loop of movie, over & over again.

In the end, we are our own devils. Our own nightmares, our own enemies. We grew up thinking the monsters underneath our bed are just figments of our imaginations as a child - non existent - when really, they’re in us.

They’re in us all.

Monsters dont live under your bed,

Monsters live inside your head.

In the end, we figured it out. Realization struck.

We are our own monsters - in the worst form possible.

Cleanse your thoughts, cleanse your soul.

When it shall guide you to the right path.

That’s why surrounding yourself in positivity is the most powerful mantra one could ever think of for the soul.

Have a beautiful insight about life, write a book, write a journey of your life when you have the free time - make free time.

They always say, find a change for the world.

Be the change to the world.

Society plays a huge role to the world. Life, is really the big question. What is the purpose of life?

What if the purpose of life is to give it a purpose?

When will the ones full of hatred justify their actions by giving out their love? It is a simple act of kindness, which is rarely performed. Humans. It is a gift from God to be able to love, give love or potray an action based purely on love.

When the cost of living is paid by love, then will the world find true peace. Money. The root of evil. The power one could gain from simple printed, coloured papers with digits on them made out of machines in factories which happens to be one of human’s greatest modern technology. The evils one could do JUST to gain wealth. Wealth = power.

It is pretty ironic, yeah. We create things to create things, that became the root of evil. We are blessed with the minds that is capable of creating such wonders, that unfortunately causes havoc or war.

Life, it’s a funny thing.

Monday Aug 8 @ 11:56pm
Admired from afar

A sudden fascination towards tattoos, knowing that each individual who inked themselves definitely has a story behind it. It’s their own way of art, of expressing their creativity, of speaking out for themselves that’s engraved on their skin, or their soul, as a whole.

The most wonderful fact about it that I find is that they get to carry that creativity with them wherever they go, always being with them no matter what they do, where they go, never fading away. It is a part of their body.

Meanings behind it is simply a secret message that only they would understand completely without doubts, frets. It’s a part of who they are. Especially when someone get themselves inked with meaningful quotes, tats are only as cool as the meanings behind them. It’s like a rule or line they live by or live up to, something that symbolizes who they really are.

Or when a person’s life goes uphill by fortune, they’re forever & always reminded of who they truly are. Never letting materials, society, the amount of money in their bank account, or whatsoever shape them into someone who they promised themselves they’ll never end up to be. Just imagine how they would wake up every single day in the morning, making their way to shower, freshen up & take a good look at themselves while they’re nude. Eyes shift quickly to those inspirational quotes on themselves. Something only they would fathom deeply. Admirable.

It is truly beautiful

Thursday Feb 2 @ 11:10pm
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