Sasha having fun buying CNY deco during hols (Taken with instagram)

Sasha having fun buying CNY deco during hols (Taken with instagram)

Thursday Feb 2 @ 10:49am
Taken with instagram

Taken with instagram

Monday Jan 1 @ 08:55pm
Not the most attractive photo but we had a great time

Not the most attractive photo but we had a great time

Sunday Jan 1 @ 09:07am
Back to black! Happy back to school folks x (Taken with instagram)

Back to black! Happy back to school folks x (Taken with instagram)

Tuesday Jan 1 @ 01:43pm
Also, I spent the whole day at home today

& I made the most of it - it was by fact the loveliest one I’ve had since the holidays.

Usually I’d spent it either scrolling through posts in Tumblr or reading a book, but this time I went down memory lane & watched Sleeping Beauty & Cinderella! Nostalgia ~

well, it’s not like I actually remembered each scene of the movie since I was a kid but I do had figments of several scenes.. I actually like Sleeping Beauty more than Cinderella I have no idea why though maybe it’s cause Princess Aurora in Sleeping Beauty’s really pretty I love her hair how her curls just cascades down her shoulders her sunshine gold locks &red rosy lips or whatever Maleficent kept saying about her obviously out of envy! I heard Aurora was Audrey Hepburn inspired by the graphic designer or whatever it’s called as well. 

"I know you, I walked with you once upon dream"

Isn’t she a stunner! & Prince Philip he doesnt say much in the movie at all but I like how certain he is of what he wants when he kept his promise & came back for her in the woods, he’s a babe <3

When I go to Disneyland one day I really hope the person whose impersonating any of these Disney Prince & Princesses are really similar looking to the actual ones in the movie like Idk that would be so perfect

Also I bought Alice in The Wonderland & Breakfast at Tiffany’s novels from Times at Suria that day while waiting for my brother

I think if their couches are more comfortable I could actually stay there for a full on 4 hours cause the books are really interesting, I’ve flipped through one about Tribes, Ouija, 1001 must see paintings before you die etc

Pictures up soon once I do final edits w the Itouch

Ps/ It’s New Year’s Eve tomorrow, best ‘fess up to that person you always thought of before you fall asleep every night cos you never know what chances you’ll get without taking the risks :)


Friday Dec 12 @ 06:51pm
Of bobby pins & utter ramblings

So here I am sitting on the bed with mum’s laptop supported by a pillow that sits carelessly on top of my thighs with both of my legs stretched out horizontally.

My fringe’s hastily fastened to my left side of my hair with a clip I randomly found on my bedside table to keep it out of my way due to the fact that I really can’t be fucked to make it through the day with my fringe drooping over hence covering my left eye. I’m currently having bed hair -it’s a huge mess & I really dont care. This is just one of those days where a fuck was not given at all. & yes it is a stay-at-home day. Also I’m not sure if it’s just me or is my hair as a whole’s growing unbelieveably rapidly.. My last hair cut was at Suria’s 52nd Street by the amazing Arthur last month.. Yep I think it is me.

I think that’s how I keep loosing things - when I said how I randomly found my clip by the bedside table? Yeah, it’s funny how at the starting of this year I had a bunch of those bobby clips gathered together in a plastic round container for safekeeping - safekeeping from what, you asked? To be precise, it’s really just me. I mean, the purpose of having a main area to keep them all was so I just wouldn’t loose them, right? Like I’d put them all back after the pins served their purpose, yes? It’s really peculiar how I, the person who was hoping I wouldn’t loose all of them by keeping them in a container, would be the person behind the reason why they gone missing.. It really is. I’m actually pretty dumbfounded! I could’ve sworn I’d have a lot of them &when I meant by a lot, I meant heaps! &in a blink of an eye, when I came to realization they all just simply vanished into thin air..

To cut all the exaggeration I’m blabbering about, yeap I’m pretty careless &capable of loosing things. Very capable. & I hate that I’m really forgetful. It just makes me feel really stupid. Like how I left Megan’s Xmas present at the toilet of Suria. It was the most lovely ring I’ve ever own &it was vintage looking. It was turqouise! Brownie points for that. All in all it was really, really pretty. &I’d only realize I forgotten to put it back on my index finger after washing my hands. Silly, silly. So down to the point, it is really just me, being ridiculously forgetful to the point where it’s really just a matter to be frown upon whenever I explain my carelessness to anyone. Like how bodoh can I get? I’m only 15 & I forget things? No shit.  

After a whole day being frustrated due to me not being able to figure out where on earth did the rest of the bobby pins were, I finally came down to a decision to buy new ones. I know you’re probably thinking why wouldn’t I just get new ones as they’re not as expensive as my wardrobe - not that I’m saying it is, don’t get me wrong, but you get my drift - but I guess I rather spend it on something else like.. shopping. Har har. At the end of the day I still need them for school since the rules just got even more uptight. Despite the fact that I’ve encountered a lot other normal bobby pins when I shopped with Tang Ying in Wisma, Suria&Centre Point’s Black Queen, I still couldn’t find the perfect ones! I have no idea why but I just found out that I’m pretty fussy with them.. I just don’t understand why they discontinued the pins that I once had early this year! They were the ones with rounded ends that wouldn’t hurt you at all - all they had now was the shit quality ones with ends as sharp as bloody shark’s teeth! & their hairbands oh lord.. they are as shit quality as the pins -no wait,shittier. I kid you not. Finally I bought pretty clips with shapes on them like diamonds, stars, crown etc for school in Centre Point.

1. I do not care if it’s not allowed in All Saints

2. If I do get spotted I would most likely shrug it off cause they. Are. Just. Bobby. PINS. CLIPS. 

3. I think I’d really give some attitude to any prefects that will. It just annoys the hell out of me if I get warned for hairclips? Like how does that affect my education??

Anyway. They’re pretty tiny, Rm2.90 each pair wouldn’t say it’s a good bargain but I went bezerk on them & I spent altogether Rm30+ on them. Yeap. Guilty as charge, but I’m pretty happy with my purchases cos then it would make me feel like a diva & feeling like a diva in school makes you happy so bitches be hatin thou lol ~ jokes

I think this is the first long post in awhile basically about my ramblings. It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged on here so I wonder if Procrastination took a vacation out of me or something? 


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